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We the team Kasper is fully brimming with latest web technologies and leading the web market since last many months. Team Kasper is loaded with premium professional team members along with a high and promising level of professionalism. Our professionals are enough capable of handling the most crucial conditions very smoothly. We have a motto “Forget rest and serve best”. Since we are utilizing the latest web technologies and thus there is no chance that we are carrying any oldy-bulky lines of code for our products which just doesn’t allow us to weigh light in the server but also makes our products to execute faster rather we should say blustery.

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We have everything what you need

Make 2017 the year to raise yourself as a brand and become an unforgettable story for others. "He who has hope; and he who has hope has everything"~Thomas Charles Then bring your hope and desire to us we will model it live on the web. Our young passionate team dynamically changing their approach to deliver your dreams alive. We love what we do and it shows when you see our outcomes.Our work is first and last love for us and we are just made for each other.

Kasper Website designing


Creating something which is special has never been this easy and fun! Each design is a custom made list of all those little reasons why you love or appreciate us. No templates or shortcuts taken we are history creators and memorable designs are our passion for generating. Designs are seasoned we create memories and with that coffee is always a good idea. Visit and get your own memory with our sugar-free coffee....

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Kasper Website Development


"People who love to eat are always the best people"~Our hunger of developing never be get down and continuously getting uncontrolled. We are best in our field and our work which you can see in our life which are our projects and our family are happy clients. Eat some pizza, play some Xbox, watch some TV. You are at the right place so feel relax and watch the magic of our codes on creating your wish come true.

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Kasper Web Analysis and SEO, SMO, Analytic


The first step is to analyze what the requirements are, what the users will need and what kind of amenities should be available to the admins to make their life easier as well with respect to content updates and future upgrades. We create detailed flow charts to plan out how the website would function. Our young and passionate team know all the mandate and guidelines to produce magical results.

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Kishor Kumar

Kumar has completed his more than 12 years in corporate world web development industry and he is having an experience of more than seven years in the industry as a team leader and a company owner.

kasper infotech owner
kasper infotech owner

Lakshmi Mittal

Mittal is one the youngest entrepreneur in the country and she is having an experience of more than three years in the web development industry as a company owner and she is a hard working and committed.

kasper infotech members
kasper infotech members
kasper infotech members
kasper infotech members
kasper infotech members
kasper infotech members


Mohit Sharma

Sharma is a designer by profession his specialty he works on HTML, CSS, bootstraps very hard working and keeps the knowledge of data for various activities.He also works as a java developer in the relevant preceding year. He gives his best whenever opportunity calls him.

HTML (85%)

CSS (80%)

Java Script (70%)

Photoshop (80%)

Digital Marketing

Amit Khohal

Khohal is a Digital Marketing expert by profession. He is passively active in this industry since last many years. His skills are really commendable and highly professional. He is having a magnificent bank of keywords and vocabulary, which is very essential to have being a digital marketer. He is a hard working and passionate person.


SMO (70%)

PPC (55%)

Developer & Designer

Shailesh Kumar Jha

Jha is a developer as well as designer, well we can say he is full stack developer. His knowledge and ideas bring the good parts of the code. He and his team are handling all the development features like creating CRM, admin tool and other web application. He likes to code from scratch but he also knows the market requirements so he is also experienced in the framework and CMS builder. He knows how to prepare things to make delicious.

PHP (85%)

HTML (80%)

CSS (80%)

Java Script (65%)

Digital Marketing

Mohit Kumar

Kumar is a Digital Marketing expert by profession. He is active in this industry for many years but he is full of talent and skills.He is having very interesting and sharp skills of marketing. If you are a starter and want an urgent promotion then we offer you, Kumar, his sharp marketing skills will definitely give you something.We are proud to have him as a part of our team can proudly call him as our gem.

SEO (80%)

SMO (70%)

PPC (55%)

Sr. Designer

Roopali Tomar

“Never use the word “cheap”. Today all websites can look awesome in inexpensive layouts (the rich buy them too). There is good web design on every level today. You can be the awesome thing in the world with great web design— it’s up to you.” She is best among best, Our passionate senior designer never compromises with the design, no matter how tough she has to work but she always gives her best what she can.

Bootstrap (100%)

HTML (90%)

CSS (85%)

Java Script (75%)



He is great in his work. He knows how to handle the situation when time is less and workload is more. He uses frameworks (like bootstrap and google material) very inefficiently. He is a clever fox, always ready to apply clever things. God knows how he handles all the things but we love his work.

Bootstrap (80%)

HTML (80%)

CSS (75%)

PHP (65%)

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We just don't call you peer but we feel you

Hey, folk! We the team Kasper just don’t call you our peer but we consider you as our peer and that's true. Our job is not to give a satisfactory and expensive project and close your file but something more and beyond this. We work on every project as we are working on a project of a family member, before starting working on your file we do all the necessary and required analysis. The story doesn’t end here but also after handling you all your belongings we are still available to help you the best we can do to our peer. You are always welcome with all your queries. Our support department and their team are ready to solve all your queries.

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