We have a life cycle

Like other, our web development process has a lie cycle our WDP also had a life cycle. The web development life cycle consists of five various stages and each of the stages is accomplished very sophistically at our workspace. These stages of life are Planning, Analysis, Design and development, Testing and Implementation and Maintenance. Let us begin with the planning stage then we having professional strategizer who plans all the strategies to be performed during a particular project. Once it is done our professional critics do all market study and analyzing job so that they can prepare a prototype and later they transfer to the designing department who build a prototype for our peer and this process keeps on undergoing until and unless our peers didn’t get satisfied. After the satisfaction of our peers, we develop the given project using all our latest technologies. When we successfully develop our project then our testing department comes into force. They do all the kind of alpha-beta testing required for our project and once they satisfy and assures that the product is bug-free then we serve it to our peer for their testing and analysis and if they face any issue they contact with our maintenance department for the resolution.

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